Be productive all day by starting the day with producing

How can you increase your daily productivity? Simple .. start the day with producing, not consuming. I noticed that my personal productivity has gone down, so I decided to do an experiment on myself. Write one blog post on my blog every day, at the start of the day. This set’s “the tone” for the day […]

Start with WHY to be a better business leader

How WHY can make you a better leader

Have you ever wondered, why you should start a business, go to college or get married? Most people don’t ever think about answering this question. .. that is, not in the “big scope” of their life. In my last article, I told you about my End Game in life .. my behemoth answer to “Why?”. I found […]

The misunderstood Art of Selling

The Misunderstood Art Of Selling

Salesmen are sleazy.. right? Every time you talk to a salesman, you get that “dirty” feeling that can only be removed by taking a shower..! Well .. that’s what I used to think, until recently. I realized that sales are really a part of everything in life, not just handing over money when you really don’t want […]

The Robin Hood Business Strategy

The Robin Hood Business Strategy

If Robin Hood was alive today and starting a business, how would he pick his customers? The story behind Robin Hood is that he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. That is who Robin Hood is. If he was alive today and decided to start a business, what customers would he pick? I […]

How to make sour beers – the easy, fast and simple way

This beer was a TOTAL accident .. and maybe a bit of laziness, but the resulting beer is SO AWESOME! The intention was not to make a sour beer .. but being lazy sometimes has benefits .. In the video below, I’ll show you how it looks.   Recipe Specifications ————————– Boil Size: 58.00 l Post Boil Volume: […]

My new microphone – Behringer C-1U + audio sample

Logitech Laptop Headset H555

Lately, I have been thinking about the audio quality of my voice when I’m recording instructional videos. I have been using the Logitech H555 foldable headset to record the audio in my videos, but as good as the sound quality is in the headset, the microphone quality is only good for Skype conversations in my […]

Getting high PR backlinks for free

I just made a video teaching you how to get high PR backlinks for free, using only free tools! Here’s the video The tools I used are: 1. Google Chrome 2. SEOQuake   Did you like the video? Share it with others using the share bar on the left. If you want to stay updated […]

The Pastors Prayer

Pastors prayer sample

What’s the Pastors Prayer? This is a beer that I made specifically for Travis Goodspeed – aka “The Pastor”. He’s coming to Iceland to speak at a security conference that’s taking place. This beer is a non-IPA IPA .. essentially a low gravity IPA (too low for the style) but with such a hoppy punch […]