1. Jolene says:

    Hey Siggi,

    Thanks for the info. Great stuff and I’m definitely going to give it a try. One question.

    Do you keep track of the sites you post a comment on and look for follow up approvals. Everything I’ve read says to note everything you’ve left a footprint on and then ping it, bookmark it, etc., etc., etc.

    What are your thoughts on this?



    • siggi says:

      Hi there Jolene.

      I keep track of all of my backlinks in a spreadsheet.
      I have one column to mark if they’re in moderation queue or not.
      I have another column to mark if I have pinged the backlink.

      It’s really important to make sure you keep a record of your backlinks. This helps you tremendously if you need to:
      A) Monitor if the backlinks are there after a certain period of time
      B) Monitor and identify incoming backlinks that are not from you – for instance when someone is trying to hit you with negative SEO.

      Thanks for watching the video :)


  2. Dee says:

    The video was extremely helpful. I was already using SEO quake, but I had not set the parameters and SERP settings right. Thanks a lot for your helpful tips.

    Dee (BTF)

  3. FrankM says:

    Hi Siggi,

    Great video on getting backlinks and amazing information you have shared today…

    I`m looking forward to the upcoming information on your website….

    See you in the forum….


  4. Kathy says:

    Hi Sig!
    That’s a great video – I just asked a few questions over at the forum, but have another one for you on this topic:
    In your opinion, is it wise to use the keyword luv feature if offered – for example, sometimes the blog will say “put your name, the @ sign, and keyword.”

    Do you think we SHOULD or should NOT put in a keyword? With all the Google algo updates, I’m not sure anymore if that helps or hinders.

    Thoughts on that?
    Kath :) (See you at the forum!)

    • siggi says:

      Hi Kath.

      Well, I have always loved Keywordluv/Commentluv feature.
      If the blog offers you to put your keyword, then I personally go for it.

      As for the Google Algo updates, it’s really unknown what the next update will contain, so we will just see the results when Google pushes the update.



  5. Dr_Geoff says:

    Hi Siggi

    Thanks for the great video. I read your comments on the BTF site, great help and advice.
    When you first start adding backlinks to a new site is there a limit of the PR value that I should backlink to at first. e.g. use PR 1-2 at first instead of 6-8?


    • siggi says:

      Hi Geoff

      I don’t worry that much about what PR the initial backlinks are, as long as they vary.
      I keep a spreadsheet with all my backlinks along with the PR of the page (using SEO Quake lite), that way I can make sure that I’m getting more than only high PR backlinks.

      You can go for PR 6-8, I don’t think that it’s a problem. Just remember to keep the backlinks mixed up.


  6. Tony says:

    Thanks for the info on high PR backlinking. I really appreciate your help here and on the BTF forum. I’ve been stuck lately trying to do more backlinking. This seems pretty easy.


  7. Aaron says:


    Hey buddy, thanks for this awesome post on BTF. I’m just getting my site to the point of Backlinking now that I’ve finally got my content and affiliate links on the site so your post was “Perfect” timing for me to begin backlinking. Again, I greatly appreciate the video AND AND AND Accent??? What accent do you speak of?!! I was born in the U.S. and your English is better than mines!!!..:) Cheers!!!

    • siggi says:

      Hey there Aaron.

      Awesome to hear that you liked the video, and thanks for the complements on my accent. :-)

      I hope you’ll get to page 1 soon!

  8. dnuttall says:

    Super awesome video on how to find some great backlinks to our sites. Really appreciate your help in understanding how to set up the preferences in SEO Quake. I already changed my settings thank you!

  9. Youlye says:

    Great explanatory video. I cratee backlinks weekly. I connect my articles, blogs and websites that have relevance to each other. I also cratee backlinks to my main websites, blogs and articles using revenue sharing websites as a form of backlinking. I do agree, backlinks are very important.

  10. Thanks for your tutorial, it was very educative and useful. I begun to use backlinks from the moment i saw your video tutorial. I’m a begginer in SEO industry, but for few days I’m searching all over the internet to improve that.

    Thanks a lot again, and keep it like this !

    • siggi says:

      Hi Geta.

      Thank you very much for your kind comment.
      I’m working on other tutorials as we speak (and just bought a better microphone so it won’t be as painful to listen to me).
      I hope to release a new tutorial this week or the next.

      Thanks for watching the video! :)


  11. Randy says:

    Hi Siggi,

    Found your page just googling around – excellent video, I watched it twice. I have had SEO Quake for a while, but not really using it properly until now. One question – you mention that you track your backlinks using a spreadsheet – do you enter them manually in the spreadsheet, or is there a better way? Best regards, and greetings from Canada.

    • siggi says:

      Hi there Randy.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

      I enter my backlinks manually into a spreadsheet currently.
      Maybe I’ll find an app or a plugin that does this automatically, but now I just do it manually.

      Thanks again! :)


  12. john says:

    Thanks for the video on youtube, im finding the whole backlinking building very confusing but your video ironed out one or two issues for me..

    go you!

  13. Allan says:


    I justed watched you video on youtube about using SEOquake and Google for finding high pr backlinks.

    I liked it, it was simple and effektive. Great job!


  14. Rolly says:


    Really good video. I was searching for pr links article and after watching your video then i found out how easy it is to get back links. If possible please post more articles on seo.


  15. Natasha says:

    Hey Siggi,

    Nice video. Watched it a bunch of times to understand about backlinks. Thanks to you for explaining the same in a simpler way for a layman like me. One thing that I am still unsure about is how to track back your links? Can you help me in understanding the same. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos relating to SEO.



    • siggi says:

      Hi Natasha!

      I just use a spreadsheet to track my backlinks, then go through them every now and then.
      Today’s SEO is not so much about creating backlinks, but much more focused on making sure you on-site SEO is good, along with your web page speed (Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights).
      Check out http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=doubleinfinitynetworks.com < - this can have affect your ranking seriously (you need to improve this).
      My site gets 100/100 and is super-fast. That helps :)

      If you're interested in getting your site fixed (or learn about what tools to use to fix your site), I'm launching a service that does fix your site speed.
      Go here and sign up if you want to learn how to fix your site (Launching - March 2014) http://makemywebsitefast.com/

      Thanks for commenting! :)


  16. Natasha says:

    Thank you Siggy for your prompt response. Just went ahead and signed up for your new website in order “to learn how to fix your site”.

    Best wishes and cheers,


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