This equipment profile helper is  will assist you to calculate estimated values for BeerSmith 2 equipment profiles.

This calculator was created to help brewers create equipment profiles in BeerSmith 2. This thread on the BeerSmith forum explains in great detail how to (understand how to) create equipment profiles in BeerSmith 2. The post explains most, if not all,

This calculator is based from the research and calculations on

Please note that these values are only approximations, YMMV.

Volume units: Liters Imperial gallons U.S. gallons
Est. bottling volume: L
Est. batch volume (Fermentor volume): L
Brewpot diameter: cm in
Boil Time: minutes
Boil Off: L (0 L/Hr)
Mash extract. efficiency:%
Loss to trub and chiller: L
Brewhouse efficiency (Efficiency into Fermenter):%



Fly-sparge, BIAB and Batch-sparge efficiency values are based on general averages and serve only a reference. Your mash efficiency may be different from the averages.

This calculator is only to be used as a start-off point, your actual values may be different.

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